The first thing to do when planning a wedding is to establish the overall budget. This crucial step requires a careful analysis of available financial resources, including personal savings and family contributions. It is crucial to be realistic and transparent about how much you are willing to spend.

Once the resources have been assessed, it is important to set a maximum spending amount. This ceiling will help keep expenses under control and avoid unpleasant surprises. Creating a spreadsheet or using a budget management app can be very helpful to monitor all expenses.

After determining the overall budget, dividing it into different categories can make managing expenses easier.

Planning & Design: @chiara_wedding
Photo: @capturedbyamandalynn
Flower designer: @arcobalenofiori
Catering & Wedding Cake: @valerio.ricevimenti
Video: @thirtyfivestudios
Wedding Stationery:
Music: @justmarriedmusic
Wedding Celebrant: @weddingcelebrantsitaly
Take a step closer to your big day and contact us on +39 348 296 3473 or by email at

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